Real Estate Marketing Success Stories

I would like to thank imFORZA for building my website and helping me take my web presence to the next level. My last website was nice, but it didn’t help with search rankings and was not user friendly. The new site is clean looking and offers much more information, as well as being SEO oriented. I appreciate all of the team’s hard work, creativity, and their customer service. I will definitely recommend your services to anyone interested in creating a beautiful website that is search friendly and easy to use. Thanks!

Denise S.
Brevard County, FL Realtor

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed working with you and your team. Building my new website was a lot of work and I love how it turned out! I liked the fact that I could reach you when needed and you always got back to me with answers. Pricing was reasonable. Timely delivery of what was promised was great! Your patience with me was appreciated. Thanks again!

Vickie J.
Puyallup, WA Realtor

I wanted to thank you for the great job on our new website. I was blown away by the creative ideas, the service and most importantly, the results. I have had more hits and visitors doing actual searches on this site in one month than my old site received all last year. The site is absolutely beautiful, easy to use, easy to maintain and offers both the owners and visitors many cutting edge tools to achieve optimum results. I cannot imagine anyone in business today who would not benefit from your services. Please tell all who were involved, thank you!!!

Joan B.
Chester, VA Broker

I want to express my gratitude for getting me to switch to the new platform for my website. In the year and a half I was on the platform provided by my previous website company I never received 1 comment on my blog and now I am averaging over 10 per day and site traffic has dramatically increased as well. The back end it is far more versatile and user friendly enabling me to add fresh content more regularly which in turn builds more traffic.

Thanks to Robert, Jason and the rest of the team at imFORZA – great job.

Amy H.
Short Hills, NJ Realtor

I must admit that I was skeptical at first regarding committing to a budget for the SEO program that you offer. Scams related to SEO have given your industry a bad name. Since I had been working with you for a couple of years and had first-hand experience with your work, I decided to give it a try. Wow! In just the first two months you have made such substantial increase in my business volume that I am amazed. Put me on your list of those that are “Believers”.

David S.
Arizona Certified Inspectors

I listed a beautiful custom home in Rancho Mirage @ $1,437,000….. a direct lead from my newly optimized Real Estate website. I’m confident your assistance and professionalism with SEO was a direct cause of this client.

I’m looking forward to more long terms growth and results from my website, as most of my business come from long hard hours of aggressive prospecting, so this is certainly a bonus.

Thanks again!

Dave K.
Indian Wells CA Real Estate

I just want to take the time and express my satisfaction and say thank you to Robert and Damon at imFORZA.

Robert did an amazing job of understanding exactly what I wanted and helped me navigate through the design and setup process. Damon was very creative and innovative about what needed to be done and had great insight to today’s consumer psychology.

The site turned out perfect! We are getting great reactions from the public and our clients love the new look. Already it seems that our traffic has tripled and we have a lot of great leads coming in weekly. Thank you to all who worked on our site and I can’t wait to work with imFORZA again very soon. The experience was quality service at its best.

Travis T.
Albuquerque Real Estate

Thanks for all the work you and your staff did as a part of my purchase of imFORZA’s SEO Content Package, to overhaul my website’s SEO effectiveness. Within 2 months of the completed work, I got two inquiries that lead to listing appointments. One turned into a listing that I closed last week and a buyer I am now working with.

The other listing appointment still has not made a decision yet, but I am in the running.

So in short, my investment has already paid for itself 5X times over!

There’s a reason why I’ve been a client of your company for 7 years and it mainly comes down to professionalism and competence. You did everything you said you were going to do and your follow-up was beyond reproach.

I strongly recommend this Content Package to any realtor who wants to beef-up the effectiveness of their website.

Michael T.
Hollywood Hills Real Estate

By June of this year, I had grown tired of my real estate website. After years of using cookie-cutter templates for my website, I was ready to grow up and have a distinctive and unique website that I could be proud of, which could also be a foundation for my entire marketing effort.

I am truly fortunate to have contacted Robert with imFORZA. Robert took the time to listen to what I wanted, and more importantly, to what I didnʼt want, and took me on a virtual tour of several different websites to better flush out design, content and marketing ideas. At that point, I was put in touch with Chris, who is such a great resource, that he is still checking in to make sure each and every project is working as expected!

As a result of their work at imFORZA, my website has truly morphed from a static collection of words into a dynamic, interactive and engaging website that is measurably able to keep viewers on my site.

In addition, in a very short time, my web site has gone from a Google PageRank of 2 all the way up to a Page Rank of 4! As a result, my website is showing up for more and more keywords on all of the search engines and is serving as the hub of my social media campaign!

I am so thrilled with my website that I have ordered a skin for my computer that is nothing but my homepage, and I am in the process of having my business cards changed to reflect my online branding!

Greg F.
Louisville Kentucky Real Estate

Business picked up significantly in the 2nd quarter and I am heading toward a very successful close. Thought you’d like to know that so far this year 3 sales are a direct result of my website. Just about every client of mine has used it, and I think it has largely contributed to a successful year. Today I have 2 more closings and I have 3 more pending. I should finish the year with between 20 – 22 transactions which I think is pretty remarkable.

I love my website. It has really helped my business and I am very proud of what we built. I think it is very professional and conveys the image I want to put out there. The first quarter of this year was a real scary time. The local real estate market was dead. I made a really big move and on top of making no money I spent money.

Helene K.
Baton Rouge Real Estate

Thank you for all of your help. Our approach with imFORZA of building out a main site along with a number of other smaller sites has worked well for me. imFORZA has done a great job of both designing a great site and doing important SEO work as well as being responsive to issues as they have arisen. I have referred a number of other brokers and firms to imFORZA. Keep up the good work!

Sean A.
Candlewood Lake Real Estate

Due to the search marketing work by imFORZA my sales have been in excess of $5,000,000 over the past 2 years. I am holding strong in the #3 spot on google for the search term “Sarasota Homes” and all related combinations of those two words. It has successfully brought in buyers and is a great tool to get listings because you can tell the seller “we are #3 on Google and your house is in the featured section.”

Brian M.
Sarasota Homes

It has been a pleasure to work with such a knowledgeable, cutting edge and overall, just wonderful team! We have more leads that are finding our site and providing us with their information than we ever imagined. Thanks again for all you do and we will certainly continue to use Agent Image and imFORZA!

Brian E.
Western North Carolina Real Estate

We have a very specific real estate business. We were working with several different website and marketing companies, and it became clear to us after many untold hours and untold money, they really didn’t understand our business and our web marketing needs. We found imFORZA of The Design People, Inc. and felt immediately that they understood our goals, our needs and most of all our business. The moment that we sat down with the designers and marketing professionals we were impressed and excited.

During the designing of our website, our head account manager responded quickly to all our questions and changes. She worked with us day by day and created a website that we love and receive compliments about. In phase two, we spent time together working on search engine optimization and to our surprise we are now coming up on page 1 of Google, which has been tremendous for our business.

imFORZA and their employees are professional, knowledgeable, honest, fun, and have given us an online presence that we could never imagine. This company not only created us a wonderful website, the monitoring of our website is unbelievable (we are never down), our emails come through in real time, and the online marketing has been very beneficial. Thank you for making our website experiences a truly unbelievable one.

Nancy S.
Probate Real Estate

When we decided to build HILTON&HYLAND, we needed a web marketing company that could help us represent our brand to our discriminating clients. I’m glad we found imFORZA of The Design People, Inc. They listened to our ideas and implemented the necessary technical expertise and direction to create an exceptional website and an aggressive marketing program. The site is very easy to use for our agents and high-end clientele including Paris Hilton, Madonna, Paula Abdul, Barbara Streisand, Lionel Ritchie, Sharon Stone, Johnny Depp, Bruce Willis and Halle Berry. Best of all, our site has been #1 for “Beverly Hills real Estate” on Google since we signed on with imFORZA. We highly recommend imFORZA to our agents – no other website vendor even comes close.

Ed L.
Beverly Hills Real Estate