Real Estate Website Design

Driving traffic to a website is only one part of an effective Real Estate Internet Marketing strategy. You could generate thousands of visitors to your website or blog on a monthly basis, but if your website is lacking some essential elements, then all of your marketing efforts could be for nothing.

First impressions are just as, if not more, important online than offline. Website visitors make a decision / judgment about a business within the first 5 seconds of visiting a site. If your website is not designed properly, then your marketing dollars are most definitely being wasted as your visitors are probably bouncing right off of your website before they even to get exposed to any great content or features your site may have.

Online marketing is extremely effective, when carried out appropriately. If you are already marketing your website aggressively, then be sure that your efforts are producing the highest possible return on your investment with an actionable real estate website marketing design.

Effective Real Estate Marketing Design Elements

For your real estate website to be a lead generation tool, it MUST be:

One of the advantages of having a well designed real estate marketing website is that you can literally get visitors to do what you want them to on your site. For example, if your main goal is to get a visitor to provide their personal information so you can follow up with them, then you can design your website to funnel them into this action.

In order to do this though, your website must have something actionable on it that entices your visitors to feel comfortable and willing to provide their information. If you need some inspiration on what calls to action you should use to entice visitors, check out this fantastic post on Real Estate Calls to Action.

User Friendly
If a visitor has a hard time finding navigation options, turning off sound, viewing flash elements, getting back to the homepage, completing a contact form, reading poorly written content or using any other feature on your site, then you can be sure that you will have wasted time and money driving that person to your website.

Prevent these things by testing your website before launching it and also frequently once it is live. The last thing you want is for a prospective client to find a mistake on your site for you.

Not sure if your website is user friendly?

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Aesthetically Targeted
First impressions can be very impactful so make sure your website makes the right first impression for your visitors. This means that you should have a professional looking design that is clean, uncluttered and appeals to your target demographic.

For example, if your inventory consists mainly of multi-million dollar second homes in the Southeast for retirees, then your design should appeal to this target customer. Something too edgy or modern might turn off your target customers, or worse yet, force them to leave your site before ever even knowing about your services. Don’t let a bad design chase away prospective clients – ask us about our premium conversion design and marketing website design services to receive a Free Consultation.

Does Your Real Estate Website Need a Conversion Redesign?

If your website is not converting visitors into leads for you, then your site is most likely a candidate for a conversion redesign. By redesigning your website to include actionable elements you are sure to see a drastic improvement in conversion rates and a decrease in bounce rates. This equates to your hard earned visitors spending more time on your website and actually performing the actions you want them to (i.e. completing a contact form, calling you, signing up for a newsletter, etc).

imFORZA has redesigned hundreds of websites to help them achieve higher conversion rates. If your website is not converting traffic into leads, then imFORZA would love to help you too.

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