Real Estate Video Marketing

Video is one of the most viral forms of marketing. As websites like YouTube and Vimeo continue to make video sharing easier for users, video marketing continues to see rapid expansion and popularity in just about every industry.

The real estate industry, in particular, has been one of the industries best positioned to take advantage of the viral effects of real estate video marketing.

The main reason behind this is that real estate transactions are highly emotional decisions. For these types of decisions to be made, homebuyers, sellers and investors need to know and see everything about the property they are interested in.

Real Estate videos help buyers, sellers and investors to make more emotional connections with properties and the agents and brokerages that represent them. Mere text or photos, on their own, do not do justice to just about any property.

Effective Ways to Use Real Estate Videos

One of the greatest things about video is that there is a lot of room for creativity.

Smart marketers know that people do not want to see commercials, as we all get enough of those on television. Instead they focus their real estate video marketing efforts on creating fun, engaging, and interesting videos.

Here are some great examples of how video marketing can be used for real estate:

  • Describe a neighborhood
  • Provide a more intimate experience of a particular property
  • Showcase the unique services & benefits that an agent / brokerage can offer
  • Display the history or intricate details of a property
  • Interviews with local people & neighbors to create a welcoming environment

Simple Ways to Promote Real Estate Videos

Any content, whether it be photos, text or video, needs to be marketed for it to provide your website and your business with the exposure it needs to be successful. Just having a great video does not ensure that it will be seen or passed around as it needs to be.

With the advent of social media for real estate it is becoming easier and easier to promote content on the Internet. Here are some very useful and simple ways to promote your real estate videos on the web:

  • Upload your videos to video sites like YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo
  • Create a Facebook Fan Page and upload your videos for your fans to see
  • Use Twitter to let your followers know about videos you have created
  • Use targeted real estate ppc campaigns to drive traffic right to your videos

If you would like more suggestions and would prefer to hear what a Real Estate Video Marketing specialist would suggest specifically for your business, then simply call 855-446-3679 or contact us by completing our simple FREE CONSULTATION form.

Whether you decide to give real estate video marketing a shot on your own or would prefer our team of professionals to coordinate your video marketing efforts for you, one thing is certain – you MUST market yourself and your properties with videos.