Real Estate Social Marketing

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube…

If you have not heard of these social networking sites yet, then pay attention because you are missing out on some great opportunities to find homebuyers, sellers and investors online.

Social marketing, also known as social media marketing, has become one of the fastest methods of marketing a real estate business over the past few years.

By involving yourself in these online communities through conversations and media sharing, you are passively opening up opportunities for people to become potential clients.

How Does Real Estate Social Marketing Work?

You just picked up a new listing and need to move it within a few months. If you are effectively using social networks then your process might look a little something like this:

  1. Announce your new listing on Twitter
  2. Add your new listing to your Facebook profile and/or page
  3. Update your status on LinkedIn talking about your new listing
  4. Post a short, interesting video of your new listing on YouTube

These are just four very simple, topical examples of how to effectively engage in real estate social marketing. The possibilities are virtually endless for using social networks to find potential clients and referrals.

Social Media Marketing for Realtors

Many real estate professionals start out very skeptical about integrating social media marketing into their marketing plans. This is a mistake as these social networks are taking off faster than most web properties.

The primary social networks mentioned above have billions of users between them.

The users of these networks fit just about every demographic a real estate professional might be targeting. Best of all, these users are receptive to being engaged in conversations that you want to create with them.

One of the added benefits of engaging in social marketing for your real estate business is that you can create some very valuable real estate backlinks to your main website or other web properties.

As explained in our Real Estate Link Building section, the more quality, relevant backlinks your website has, the more likely it is to rank for its relevant key phrases.

With an effective and consistent social marketing plan, your real estate business can take advantage of the vast amount of opportunity that exists in these social networks online.

Like link building, setting up and maintaining these strategies take time, money and know-how.

Allow our social marketing professionals to provide these services for you so you can focus on real estate.

If you are interested in a FREE Social Marketing Consultation then please let us know.