Real Estate Blog Marketing

If you have been to an e-PRO class or a seminar at a NAR convention than you have most likely heard about the blogging phenomenon that has consumed much of the real estate industry.

Blogs, which are really just other types of websites, allow real estate professionals to easily provide content to those who are willing to read it. When all of the elements of a blog are aligned, a blog can be one of the most effective forms of marketing you can maintain for your real estate business.

Blog Marketing for Real Estate

One of the biggest myths about blogs, and websites alike, is that simply having a blog is going to help you market your business. This couldn’t be further from the truth. As with any website, an effective blog must have the following elements in place to be effective:

  • Quality, relevant content that is consistently added
  • Properly optimized for search engine visibility
  • Engaging calls to action to provoke participation
  • Constant moderation and maintenance

Without these four elements, a blog will just be another website that sits online for no one to see or read. Real Estate blogs become effective only when these things are in place and the proper time, effort and investment are put into them.

Real Estate Blogging Tips

Whether you already have a blog or are thinking about starting one, here are some useful tips to always keep in mind with your real estate blog.

  1. Write authentic, relevant, thought provoking content on your blog as much as possible. There is no secret formula for how often you need to write in your blog, but unless your posts are Pulitzer Prize winning articles, then frequency is highly suggested.
  2. Make your real estate blog interesting and authoritative by adding images, videos, polls, surveys, data and supporting references. Your readers will not see you as an authority or point of reference unless you consistently prove that your opinions, suggestions and advice demand respect.
  3. Focus your real estate blog on what you know best; do not try to be the “all-knowing” real estate professional that tries to provide an opinion or advice on everything related to real estate in your state. Eve worse, do not just regurgitate news stories or articles from other real estate bloggers and try to pawn them off as your own. Spend the time and put some thought into your articles.
  4. Promote your real estate blog everywhere, just like you would with your website. Part of real estate blog marketing is the process of promoting your blog to as many target readers as possible. Take advantage of tools like real estate social marketing to get maximum exposure for your blog.

Effective Real Estate Blogging

If you look at the most effective real estate blogs, you will notice that these blogs are NOT online journals of real estate professionals talking about their pets. Instead you will find that these real estate bloggers have spent the time and money to setup and maintain an effective blog that effectively attracts prospective customers from all walks of life who are interested in getting some professional help from a Realtor®.

If you simply do not have the time or technical expertise to setup and maintain your own real estate blog, then imFORZA can help.

With years of real estate blogging and optimization experience, our team of real estate blog marketing professionals can help you create an amazing looking blog site and also help you map out an effective strategy to attract readers on a consistent basis.

To learn more about our real estate blog marketing services or to speak to one of our consultants, then simply call 855-446-3679.