Lethbridge & District AOR (LDAOR)

Integrate the Lethbridge & District AOR (LDAOR) on your WordPress real estate website today.

imFORZA, an official IDX Broker Developer Partner, will integrate IDX Broker with WordPress to display all of your MLS listings available from Lethbridge & District AOR (LDAOR). All listing data is automatically displayed and formatted in accordance with local MLS standards and policies.

Add the Lethbridge & District AOR (LDAOR) IDX feed to your real estate website today.

As a member of Lethbridge & District AOR (LDAOR), you have access to home search tools that will help you close on more listings. imFORZA does this by integrating your design with IDX Broker, a powerful, dynamic property search engine for your real estate website. All IDX search results are updated daily, directly from Lethbridge & District AOR (LDAOR). That includes your featured listings – all of which may be displayed on a single page, updated automatically!

IDX Broker displays all of the properties available for display in Lethbridge & District AOR (LDAOR). IDX Broker search, results, and details pages can even be customized to suit the Advanced fields available in Lethbridge & District AOR (LDAOR), to fit the width of your site, or to change the size and color of almost any element on the page.

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MLS Integration

IDX Integration

Automatically import listings info directly from Lethbridge & District AOR (LDAOR).

MLS Compliant

All listing data is automatically displayed and formatted in accordance with Lethbridge & District AOR (LDAOR) standards and policies.

API Access

An API allows you to pull your data from Lethbridge & District AOR (LDAOR) in new and creative ways to set your site apart from the competition.

Up-to-Date Information

Your listings are automatically updated with current information.

Comprehensive Details

Each property details page can display advanced detailed information provided by your MLS.

Lead Capture

Customer Registration & Login

Visitors can register for your site to save their favorite listings.

Gravity Forms Integration

Exclusive to imFORZA, integrate IDX Broker with Gravity Forms for more powerful contact forms.

Customize Lead Capture

Visitors who want to learn more about a listing can submit their information via a contact form on each property details page.


Showcase & Slider Widgets

The showcase and slider widgets will let you show off your listings.

Lead Capture Widgets

Account Signup and Login Widgets make it easy to place lead capture forms in the optimal locations on your site.

Search Widgets

The search widgets power the ability to create multiple custom search forms on your website.


Custom Sub Domain

Setup your listings on a custom subdomain to assure your website gets all the credit.

Google XML Sitemap Submission

We will automatically submit an XML Sitemap to Google.

Custom Sub Headers

Setup custom subheaders, and many more SEO options to optimize content provided by the MLS.

HTML Sitemap

Your IDX Broker account comes with a HTML sitemap to improve Google indexing of all your IDX pages.


Premium Support

Have a question, need help, our premium support team is here to answer your questions.